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Founded in 1998, SYTEC Manufacturing Ltd. is a privately held Alberta Corporation. We are well versed in advanced metal product design & sheet metal manufacturing across a wide range of industries spanning telecommunications, electrical grid/power distribution, oil and gas, solar, agricultural and many more. We encourage internal and external collaboration to drive continuous improvements.  


We have a proven track record in taking an idea and capturing detailed product sketches to convey the finished product function and features. Conceptual sketches are then converted to 3D CAD models and associated manufacturing data that is tracked during manufacturing using advanced ERP software. Our fully integrated processes ensure the entire team executes procedures with high precision and efficiency. 


"SYTEC Manufacturing will provide best-suited design solutions with tightly integrated, cost-effective manufacturing capabilities."



We encourage you to contact us. Our team can provide assistance and information about all our capabilities and how it would fit into your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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