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SYTEC Manufacturing offers complete in-house product fulfillment from initial design through manufacturing of highly finished electrical / mechanical assemblies. Best in class equipment and highly trained employees are used to provide an un-limited range of metal product solutions. 


Multiple key work stations, tight supplier integration and work-flow tracking through fully integrated ERP software ensures consistent, repeatable order processing. 


Find out more about our product offerings below, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.  


OEM Manufacturing

Diverse, in-house manufacturing allows for flexible customization to meet specific product requirements. Product branding, adherence to Conflict Free Material use, and RoHS certification are common requests. 


Cable Management 

Diverse Cable management products meet a variety of end use applications. Standard solutions for 19in EIA mounting Racks from 1U Blanking Panels through to various custom designed solutions. 


CSA UL & IP Certification

We ensure standard or customized products meet stringent CSA, UL & IP certifications, providing diverse finished products ranging from Type 1 through Type 4X ratings. 



We have a wide range of accessory products from Door Support Brackets, Laptop Shelves, Document Pockets, Rack Style Swing Frames amongst others. 

Please contact our sales team for more information.

CSA Enc1.png

Enclosures & Top Hats

Our design team has developed a vast catalog of custom products for a wide range of end use applications. Products include Enclosures, Top Hats, Plinths,  Viewing Window Door Kits, HMI Covers amongst others. 


Tube & Pipe Product

In-House Laser Tube & Pipe cutting compliments sheet metal fabrication to create a wide range of SHELTERS, SKIDS and other Tube or Pipe based products.


P. Eng approval can be provided for structural approval such as CAT 5 Wind Loading. 

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