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SYTEC Manufacturing offers a complete in-house product fulfillment service, from Design, to Manufacturing, through International Export and Logistics. Our teams extensive manufacturing experience ensure high quality products to compliment our customers in-place supply chains. 

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New Product Design, Quality Improvement or Cost Reduction

Highly Finished Electrical/Mechanical Assembly

We incorporate extensive design and engineering knowledge from diverse fields to provide best in class solutions.


We routinely help our customers improve product quality or implement design changes to reduce costs.

Our diverse manufacturing capabilities allow for streamlined, efficient, customizable processes, enabling us to offer a fully-assembled product for direct shipment to the end user.


Custom Laser Cutting

SYTEC Manufacturing's advanced Fiber Laser cutting processes include pipe, tube, channel and flat stock material.


We can also laser cut customer supplied material or provide modifications to finished product, such as adding holes to enclosures. 


Custom Powder Coating

Many of our products include Powder Paint coatings to deliver exceptionally durable and environmentally friendly finishes. 


We also offer custom Powder Painting services.

To compliment finished products, CNC machined & ink filled text or multi-colored silk screens can be included for product branding. 

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